at the bottom+
there's a lake and at the bottom you'll find all my friends, they don't swim cause they're all dead, we never are what we intend, or invent


Some people need to understand not everyone absolutely wants or needs to be in a relationship





This is SO cool that I just had to share.

you clever fuckers

my teacher used this today

23+8+9+19+11+5+25 = 100%



I Feel You | Placebo 
Depeche Mode Cover


It’s just the dawning of our love.

room on fire (2003)

Amazing pictures taken from Miles Kane’s „Don’t Forget Who You Are” video.


hi, as an independent artist I was wondering if you could help me, I don’t have a big record company behind me so all I have is word of mouth:
BEATASTIC is a shoegaze/electronica/indie band from Brighton, UK there’s a film about the making of the new album here:
it contains 8 videos directed by 8 different artists. The film is about interpretation on giving up control as an artist.
and it’s out NOW on a pay what you like basis, starting at $1 , here:
a reblog would be lovely, thanks


Hands Away - Interpol

Will you put my hands away?
Will you be my man?

Serve it up, don’t wait
Let’s see about this ham

Oh, what happened?
Oh, what happened?

Home spun desperation’s knowing
Inside your cover’s always blown

If we’re gonna die, bury us alive If they’re searching for us they’ll find us side by side That’s my, that’s my man

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